NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights


In one month’s time, 640 athletes, over 400 spectators and nearly 100 volunteers will be gathering in the city of Bath for the Strength-in-Depth 2016 finals…and we can’t wait!  Between now and then we have lots of exciting content that we will be releasing on social media. We have been working with the boys and […]

SiD15 Chew the Fat 02

With the SiD15 competition underway (as of 01 August), Ollie and Dom, borrow a couple of new SiD15 Ts and take a couple of minutes to update on key competition news. In this short video, you will hear the latest re: exciting commercial partner news, confirmation of SiD15 Final (date and venue) and Ollie talks […]

SiD15 | Chew the Fat 15/01

In this ‘Chew the Fat’, the first in the SiD2015 season, Dom and Ollie (EFL Directors) look back at SiD14 and describe the key changes being made for the SiD15 format.   As mentioned in this video, the first phase of SiD15 is the registration of teams from across Europe … these submitted teams will then […]

SiD14 ‘Chew the Fat’ 07: “The Show”

In this ‘Chew the Fat’, Ollie and Dom talk about ‘The Show’ aspect of SiD14.   As well as pulling off a fantastic competition for all the participant athletes (primary aim), we want to make sure that the weekend is one that all spectators thoroughly enjoy. To achieve this, a key part of the SiD14 […]

SiD14 ‘Chew the Fat’ 06: Partner Announcement

In this latest ‘Chew the Fat’, Dom and Ollie find themselves in the warehouse of Bulldog Gear … who we are delighted to announce have come on board as an official partner for Strength in Depth 2014.  [Click on the logo to see Bulldog’s new website and comprehensive new range] Bulldog Gear will be the […]

SiD14 ‘Chew the Fat’ 05: Qualifier 01 mid-way

In this ‘Chew the Fat’ recorded on the 21 August, in the midst of the Qualifier 01 stage, Dom and Ollie catch-up on the competition and the stories coming through from this first team test including the first team score on the leaderboard.   If you are still to get on the teamboard, don’t leave it […]

SiD ‘Chew the Fat’ 04: The Qualifiers

In this ‘Chew the Fat’ recorded 15 days before Qualifier 01 is announced, on 01 August, SiD14 Competition Director Ollie Mansbridge gives a high-level overview of the three qualifier formats. Hopefully, this allays the concern some teams have with regards to team logistics … especially in the holiday month of August. CTF04 also addresses the […]

‘Chew the Fat’ 03: Team Captain role

In this ‘Chew the Fat’ edition, we move to Ollie’s garden, where Dom attempts to pluck the petals of Ollie’s bountiful experience when it comes to coaching successful teams. Ollie has coached CrossFit Bath to three successful DWF team titles (UK team event) and was also instrumental in guiding the CrossFit Bath team to sixth place […]

SiD14 ‘Chew the Fat’ 01

Welcome to a new video series on the Strength in Depth 14 media stream. We are calling it our ‘Chew the Fat’ series because, well, we are going to just ‘chew the fat’ with a few folk … that is spend a few idle minutes chatting away and seeing if anything interesting emerges … you never […]

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