NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights


In one month’s time, 640 athletes, over 400 spectators and nearly 100 volunteers will be gathering in the city of Bath for the Strength-in-Depth 2016 finals…and we can’t wait!  Between now and then we have lots of exciting content that we will be releasing on social media. We have been working with the boys and […]

SiD16 Qualifier 01 Rollover

Athletes…you may be wondering why we have not yet announced the winner of Qualifier 01. The reason for the delay was that we were contacting the top 5 leading teams to source and then check their workout videos. You will recall that filming was not required for Qualifer 01 in order to record a valid […]

Did you know? #2015-07

…you can easily share pictures, videos and links using the media buttons on your activity feed. Why not share your progress, share the things you find inspirational, share training tips… You never know what else you might learn!

Did you know? #2015-06

…you can send public messages to fellow athletes and members of the SiD online community. Just click the ‘SEND AN @ PUBLIC MESSAGE’ link on the recipient’s profile page and follow the prompts.

Did you know? #2015-05

…you can build your SiD online community, follow and support the progress of others and get a rapport going with fellow athletes by hitting the ‘ADD TO FRIENDS/FOLLOW’ button on each athlete’s profile page. Let’s see who can build the biggest community around them… getting adding friends now!!

Did you know? #2015-04

…there is now an easy way to update your status. Once you are logged in, there is a handy ‘What’s new…?’ box that appears below the nav bar on every page. When clicked it takes you straight to your profile page where you can update us all with your news. How convenient!

Did you know? #2015-03

…you can now easily change your profile picture. Simply go to ‘Edit Profile’ in the ‘Account’ drop down and then click the ‘Change Profile Photo’ tab. You can now upload a new picture or use your phone camera or webcam to take a new one and upload straight to the SiD site. Amazing.

Did you know? #2015-02

…once you have logged in, you can now easily access all the important aspects of your account from the account drop down menu next to your name. In here you will find short cuts to status update, score entry and profile editing. If you aren’t logged in, then there is a handy green login button top […]

Did you know? #2015-01

…teams are being split into regions for Strength in Depth 2015. You will appear on the team board once fully paid and allocated to a region by SiD HQ. If you have registered but have not yet fully paid, you will not appear on the team board, or be allocated to a region, or be able […]

Did you know that? 03

… that there is now a shortcut to your profile page and login/logout functionality in the top left had corner of the page. — For other new additions to the site … Did you know 01 – you can invite others to become members of the site – so they can enjoy (free) all the video […]

Did you know that? 02

… that you can now search for other athletes and teams taking part in Strength in Depth … with the new search bar at the top of the page. Simples. — For other new additions to the site … Did you know 01 – you can invite others to become members of the site – […]

Did you know that? 01

You may have noticed we have made a number of additions to our website in recent weeks. We are looking to gradually build a site that offers a great community platform … to enjoy all the awesome content that is already coming out from this year’s competition, the SiD14 Final in December and, hopefully, in future […]

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