NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights

SiD14 Final Highlights | Event 10 (The Final)

And so … to the last post in our SiD14 Final reminisce … the Final Event of the Final Weekend. The 30 teams that made it through to the weekend were cut down to the final 10 and briefed as to the ultimate challenge involving the whole team. Watching the video reel back now still […]

SiD14 Final Highlights | Event 09 (The Technician)

‘The Technician’ required six-members of each competing team – working as two 3-athlete (male, female) sub-teams. Both 3-person teams completed a three-part workout (with the male team starting): Part A. Each athlete – in relay – completed: 18 Thrusters @ 40kg (30kg) 21 Pull ups (18 for females) Part B. Each athlete – in relay […]

SiD14 Final Highlights | Event 08 (The Chipper)

Event 08 at the SiD14 Final was ‘The Chipper’. Teams of six (four male, two female athletes) proceeded through the following stations in a staggered relay (each athlete could only start the first station when the athlete in front had completed all the box jumps): 30 Wall Ball 15 Burpee Box Jumps (24”/20”) 30 Dumbbell Snatch (25/15kg) 100 […]

SiD14 Final Highlights | Event 05 (It’s a Knockout)

In Event 05 of the SiD14 Final, we introduced a knockout format with a quarterfinal, semifinal and final round. A team of three male athletes and a team of three female athletes completed in different sub-competitions with the team gaining an overall combined score. This was a fast sprint workout, each member of the team […]

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