NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights

Medicine Ball Lift

At the SiD14 Final, we introduced the Medicine Ball in ‘lift-and-throw-over-the-shoulder’ movement (as part of the fast-and-furious ‘It’s a Knockout’ event). This was a new piece of equipment for some and we noticed a variety of techniques on display! As such, we thought it would be useful to post a short, instructional video – see […]

SiDTV Interview with Becky Pykett

Daniel is joined by the 2 time Crossfit Europe Regional competitor Becky Pykett, for a interesting discussion on her thoughts about “strong being the new beautiful”,  her nickname “Quadzilla” and final preparation for the 2014 Strength in Depth Final. After having a podium finish a few ago at the German Throwdown Becky is raring to […]

SiDTV Interview with Will Kane

Daniel  catches up with Will Kane during his time in Italy competing in the Italian Throwdown. Will finished 9th in the European Crossfit Regionals and  1st in the Amarok East Side Challenge. They talk about Will’s first competition and what he has learnt since then, how to prepare physically with less then a week to […]

The last in the Movements to expect series… GTOH

In this video, SiD Director and Coach Ollie Mansbridge from CrossFit Bath, talks us through the twelfth and FINAL movement in the ‘Movements to Expect Series’… the Ground to Overhead (GTOH). NOT LONG NOW UNTIL THE RELEASE OF THE FIRST QUALIFIER WORKOUT!!   Notes: Movement to begin with barbell on the floor i.e plates touching […]

Movements to Expect… Shoulder to Overhead (STOH)

In this video, SiD Director and Coach Ollie Mansbridge from CrossFit Bath, talks us through the eleventh movement in the ‘Movements to Expect Series’… Shoulder to Overhead (STOH). There is one movement yet to be released so keep a look out! Following this, full movement standard videos will be released with the Qualifiers…   Notes: […]

Movements to Expect … Burpees to Plate

Super simple this one folks … burpees to plate.   Just a couple more videos to follow and your teams will be all set for everything we are going to throw at you come 01 August! A recap on the series so far: Movement to Expect 01 Movement to Expect 02 Movement to Expect 03 […]

SiD14 Interview CrossFit Civitas

It was important for the SiD14 team to create an event that was inclusive and that essentially appealed to ‘middle of the road’ athletes as well as the smaller Fitness Organisations out there. In this video we get the perspective from CrossFit Civitas Affiliate owners Kieran Baggs and Jon Davies.They confirm, you don’t have to […]

Bath University Sports Village Facilities

As the Strength in Depth Competition Project Manager, Megan is having to undertake numerous visits to Bath University Sports Village for the SiD14 Finals in December… . On today’s trip to progress the planning, she whips out her iphone to record some footage of the incredible facilities. This short compilation hopefully gives you a taster […]

Movements to expect … pull ups

In this video, 08 in the series, Coach Ed Mason from CrossFit Bath talks us through the classic gymnastic movement of the pull up. In the SiD14 qualifier rounds not every athlete will be required to do these.   Notes: The pull-up starts with an athlete hanging on the bar with full extension of the elbows and […]

Movements to expect … HSPU

In this video, 07 in the ‘Movements to Expect’ series, Coach Ed Mason from CrossFit Bath talks us through the Hand Stand Push Up (HSPU). In the SiD14 qualifier rounds not every athlete will be required to do these.   Note: The start and finish of the movement is identical: the hands flat (within 36″ width), […]

Movements to expect … some tips to improve your rowing

You probably will not be surprised to hear that Concept II rowing may well turn up in the SiD14 qualifier stages. Rowing is one of those movements where efficient technique can make a world of difference to your performance. In this video, Coach Ollie Mansbridge from CrossFit Bath gives a few key tips to get […]

Movements to expect … Power Snatch

In this video, the fifth in the series, Coach Adam Shackell from CrossFit Bath explains another movement that competitors entering the SiD14 competition should include in their individual and team training … Power Snatch.   Notes: The barbell must travel from the floor to full lock out overhead Hips, knees and arms must be fully extended The movement finishes […]

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