NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights

Age and Strength

Much research has been undertaken in recent decades as to the link between age and physical strength. In terms of the fundamental findings, however, you need only turn back to one of the earliest (ground-breaking) surveys undertaken by Bruce Fisher and James Birren (researchers at the US Public Health Service, California) in 1947. All you […]

The making of the SiD Final arena

It’s time for the Top 30 teams to battle it out for the title, “The Fittest Team in Europe”. The Strength in Depth  team have been putting in the hours creating the incredible arena. This has been purposely designed to maximise the spectator experience … to bring out the full drama of elite fitness racing. Don’t miss […]

SiDTV Interview with David Shorunke

In this interview Daniel catches up with David Shorunke who placed 10th in the 2014 European Crossfit Regionals, 2nd in the 2014 German Throwdown and a competitor in SiD 2014 with Crossfit Cheltenham.  With 2014 being David’s first competitive Crossfit season, he shares his tops tips for mental strength going into competitions, what he and […]

Lifting platforms for SiD 2014 Final

As we all know, a key element to ensuring maximal performance in lifting is a good and sturdy platform. Thats why the SiD team has collaborated with Bulldog gear and invested heavily into providing the finalists with the very best. Here is a sneak peak into the lifting platforms for SiD 2014 Final. To ensure […]

SiDTV Interview with Mike Catris

In this interview, Dan catches up with Mike Catris, a competitor in SiD 2014 with Dragon Crossfit, Level 2 Crossfit Coach and the Founder of Katros Nutrition. They talk about the uniqueness of Strength in Depth compared to other comps, what has helped Dragon Crossfit function well as a team plus nutritional advice for new […]

‘Chew the Fat’ 03: Team Captain role

In this ‘Chew the Fat’ edition, we move to Ollie’s garden, where Dom attempts to pluck the petals of Ollie’s bountiful experience when it comes to coaching successful teams. Ollie has coached CrossFit Bath to three successful DWF team titles (UK team event) and was also instrumental in guiding the CrossFit Bath team to sixth place […]

SiD14 ‘Chew the Fat’ 01

Welcome to a new video series on the Strength in Depth 14 media stream. We are calling it our ‘Chew the Fat’ series because, well, we are going to just ‘chew the fat’ with a few folk … that is spend a few idle minutes chatting away and seeing if anything interesting emerges … you never […]

Building a high performing (competitive fitness) team …

One of the really alluring aspects of Strength in Depth 2014 promises to be the ‘team dynamic’ … a team can have the finest athletes but if they don’t ‘click’ then they are unlikely to progress to the final stages of  SiD14. This is an aspect that really excites us and we are working hard […]

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