NEWS: The Final – CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack win SiD2018

The Competition


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* 60 teams (58 teams plus an invitational team plus SiD17 champions)


Now in its fifth year, Strength in Depth (SiD) is Europe’s preminent, full-team fitness competition.

Born out of a vision for a great community based competition, SiD is also about the search for the “fittest team in Europe”.

As before, eligible SiD teams will need to be based around a pre-existing fitness community. Regardless of your club’s heritage, the challenge from SiD is to test yourselves against other sports and fitness communities from across Europe. SiD is not, however, just for the large, established clubs. As SiD14, SiD15, SiD16 and SiD17 proved, the whole SiD experience is enjoyable and rewarding; even if you don’t make the Final, we know you will love the experience and want to come back stronger and better prepared to do so next year.


>The first step is to allocate your teams captain.
>Second, team captains to register a SiD18 team.
>Team captains must then encourage as many members as possible to sign up to your tribe (#buildyourtribe). Athletes then can be assigned to their team by team captains.
Note: Tribes can enter more than one team.


This year, 60 teams overall  (58 teams plus and invitational team plus SiD17 champions) will be brought forward to the SiD18 Weekend Final.

Each team will fight for its place at the SiD18 Final via three qualifier rounds:

Qualifier 01


Announced on 01 Jun; Result submission cut-off on 27 Jun 2200hrs.

Qualifier 02


Announced on 05 Jul; Result submission cut-off on 05 Aug 2200hrs.

Qualifier 03


Announced on 9 Aug; Result submission cut-off on 09 Sept 2200hrs.

The qualifiers will build in complexity with regards to the physical demands and logistics (see here for more).

Once the three qualification rounds are complete, the Top 60 teams (58 teams plus and invitational team plus SiD17 champions) will be announced and invited to the prestigious SiD2018 Final. The dates of the Final weekend are 03-04 November at The Sports Training Village at Bath University.

Team Composition


An eligible ‘Strength in Depth’ team needs to be made up of the following:

  • A minimum of 7 male athletes (one masters athlete (male or female) must be at least 35 as of 01 June 2018)
  • A minimum of 5 female athletes (one masters athlete (male or female) must be at least 40 as of 01 June 2018)


Whilst the core team is 12 athletes, each team is strongly encouraged to register an uncapped number of reserve athletes to allow for team member availability and injury during the SiD18 season,  these additional athletes can be of any gender or age category.

Please note that during the Qualifier stages all members of the team/squad can actively participate as it is the best sub-team scores (that make up a legible team of 12) that contribute to each round.

As such, during the qualifying stages, any 12 athletes from the overall team can ‘represent’ in order to generate that month’s score and this team of 12 can change during the three qualifier rounds. The only proviso being that the competing 12 must always fulfil the strict criteria as above.

The top 60 teams invited (58 teams plus and invitational team plus SiD17 champions) to the SiD2018 Final will be the same composition. Substitution rules will be outlined to these teams nearer the time.

For further details on the SiD18 team composition, please see the rulebook for more.

The Qualifiers

Qualifier 01


Announced on 01 Jun; Result submission cut-off on 27 Jun 2200hrs.

Qualifier 02


Announced on 05 Jul; Result submission cut-off on 05 Aug 2200hrs.

Qualifier 03


Announced on 09 Aug; Result submission cut-off on 09 Sept 2200hrs.

The Strength in Depth qualifiers will run from June to September.

Qualifier 01 in June will be based on 12 individual scores.
Qualifier 02, from July to August will involve six pairs.
Qualifier 03, from August to September will involve three sub-teams of four.

For each qualifying workout, the competing 12 must be selected from the registered team squad and must always be compliant with the team composition … seven males (one master, combined master’s age 75+) and five females (one master, combined master’s age 75+).

The qualifiers will be judged in house and video submissions may be required to support. Full instructions will be posted for each qualifier in this regard.

The overall winning team of each qualifier stage will receive a £500 prize (subject to further video evidence criteria being met).

The Final

The top 60 teams, (58 teams plus an invitational team plus SiD17 champions) will come to a physical, two-day Final.

Each athlete will compete in a minimum of five workouts throughout the weekend. This will not be a beat-down but a meticulously planned test of fitness and team Strength in Depth.

Some workouts will have an A and B component … and athletes will compete in one or the other. Part A, for example, might involve a 9-6-3 ladder of muscle ups and squat snatches and Part B, for example, 30 wall ball, 15 burpees and a 15 calorie row for time. You should be able to see a clear difference in the complexity of these two parts; that is we have designed the Final to cater for all athletes.

The winners of the final will receive £3,500 (£1,500 to second, £1000 to third).

The SiD2018  Final will return to the world class Sports Village at Bath University in the world heritage city of Bath the weekend of Saturday 03 – Sunday 04 November.

You can check out a whole load of video/photo action from the SiD18 Final in our News and Media section.


The Prize

Aside from the immense kudos of being crowned the 2018 Strength in Depth Champions, the winning team will receive a £3,500 cash prize (second place £1,500 and third place £1000).

In addition, for each of the three qualifying rounds, the first placed team in each qualifier will receive £500. Please take note of any additional score validation (e.g. video record) requirements, when the qualifiers are announced, in order to remain eligible for these qualifier prizes.

We are also set to receive some great merchandise prizes from all those generous sponsors lining up to be involved in SiD. We will keep you updated with the additional stash prize items as the competition progresses!


Strength in Depth, or SiD, is a true test and celebration of the competitive fitness community.

We believe that the strength of this community lies in its depth: the diverse nature of the people within your club, affiliate or gym.

To be eligible for SiD, you will need to enter a team of at least 12 athletes, see above for team composition requirements.

We love competing in team competitions. For us, fitness is not a lonely pursuit. It is an inherently social and community based endeavour. We predict a growing trend towards the sport of team-based physical performance competition because it not only raises our individual games (there is no greater motivator than not wanting to let your friends and colleagues down), it also builds meaningful friendships through shared adversity, and achievement, along the way.

Finally, we also believe team sport is much more fun to watch.

SiD has been created with these two groups in mind: the athletes and the spectators.

As awareness grows so does the fan base and team-based fitness performance events have it all: star athletes, the passion of team sport and moments of pure drama.

So. SiD is a larger team format event that will achieve the following goals.

  • It reaches down into the real core of a fitness community, beyond the elite few;
  • It will require a more rounded and coordinated contribution from every competitor;
  • It aims to engender, and reinforce pride, in community membership and friendship;
  • It will be fun to participate in (regardless of final placement);
  • It will punish individual ego over the collective push;

Put another way, it is a test of Strength in Depth at a whole club or affiliate level.

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