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CFSiD Community Cup

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To be eligible to compete in the CrossFit® SiD Community Cup teams must be a registered CrossFit Affiliate in good standing. CrossFit® SiD Community Cup teams will consist of two males and two females, teams do not have to  train in the same geographical location out of the same Affiliate. Teams are established at the point of registration; however team amendments can be made up to Monday 30th May 2022.

60 teams will compete in the CrossFit® SiD Community Cup. Team entry will be on a first come first served basis, however each Affiliate can only submit one team. If the 60 team spaces available are not filled by Wednesday 16 March 2022 then existing registered Affiliates will have the opportunity to purchase a second team.

Who is it for?

The CrossFit® SiD community cup is suitable for athletes who can complete the CrossFit Games Open workouts as RX’d.

Please note the winners of the CrossFit® SiD Community Cup do not advance to the CrossFit® Games.

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CFSiD 2022 Rulebook