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Age Groups

35-39 years of age
40-44 years of age
45-49 years of age
50-54 years of age
55-59 years of age
60+ years of age


All CFSiD Master divisions will complete Quarter Final workouts programmed by CrossFit® Home Office for the CFSiD Masters qualification. Workouts will be posted from Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. PT. Master athletes will complete a series of events over the course of one weekend, Thursday, April 21st, through Monday, May 2nd.

Masters Athletes wishing to participate in the live event Final at CrossFit Strength in Depth may enter into the qualification process by entering their scores for the “2022 CrossFit Games Age Group Quarter Final” workouts. In order to submit a verified score, Masters Athletes must have registered and submitted their score directly into the CFSiD leaderboard on competition corner.

Registration to the CFSiD Qualifier Leaderboard will cost £20 per Masters athlete.

Masters athletes may choose to enter existing scores obtained throughout the scheduled Age Group Quarter Finals, or may complete/repeat these workouts and submit scores up to the close of the score submissions for CFSiD.

Masters athletes will be ranked against the scores on the CFSiD Leaderboard only. Rankings on the CrossFit Games Age Group Quarter Finals Leaderboard are considered an entirely separate entity and will not be utilised for qualification to CFSiD 2022.

All submitted scores must be supported by video evidence under the observation of a qualified judge (CF Online Judges Course) and will be subject to the standard validation processes of CFSiD.


Following the CrossFit® Strength in Depth Qualifiers the top 10 athletes from each Masters division (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54) and the top 5 from each Masters division (55-59, 60+) will qualify for the live event following the validation process. Score submissions may be amended by the CFSiD judging team in the event of movement violations or scoring discrepancies. Athletes will be notified by email of such amendments.

Following score validation and the posting of official qualifier rankings; athletes will be notified of their qualification and invited to the CFSiD live event by email. Athletes not accepting their invitations by the deadline date will forfeit their invitation and CFSiD will attempt to backfill the position by extending the invite to the next athlete in the official ranking.


CFSiD 2022 Rulebook