NEWS: The Final – CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack win SiD2018

The Final – CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack win SiD2018

CROSSFIT OLSO WOLFPACK ARE THE NEW STRENGTH IN DEPTH CHAMPIONS! The team from Norway stormed to the title, becoming the first non-UK team to take home the Strength in Depth trophy after two days of competition. After qualifying in first place the Wolfpack won four the SID2018 final events, fighting with the invitational WIT Made […]

SiD2018 Event 8 – Harvester of Sorrow

The last event of SiD2018 before the top 10 teams compete for a place in the final saw a huge battle as teams made an attempt to earn the right to compete one more time. In Event 8: Harvester of Sorrow sponsored by Barebells, athletes formed four sub teams of three and took on 70 […]

SiD2018 Event 7: The Sandman

After the noise and red-hot atmosphere in the arena during event 6, the 60 teams headed outside for SiD2018’s Event 7: The Sandman sponsored by TFench. As this is the South West of the UK during November it’s no surprise that the teams and judges were soaked after just a few moments. Teams were divided […]

SiD2018 Event 6 – The Unforgiven

Day two of Sid2018 picked up where we had finished on Day 1 – with huge weights being lifted in an electric atmosphere. Event 6: The Unforgiven, sponsored by Eleiko, saw female and male athletes attempting hang snatch and hang cleans. Among the female athletes Helen Nutter’s 105 hang clean was among the stand out […]

SiD2018 Event 5 – Battery

After running and swimming day 1 of SiD2018 closed with a favourite of many of the athletes – the chance to clean a jerk….repeatedly. Event 5: Battery was divided into two workouts 8 minutes of clean and jerks for the male athletes, followed by eight minutes of clean and jerks by the female athletes. The […]

SiD2018 Event 3 – Hardwired – and Event 4 – Creeping Death

Over the years SiD athletes have become familiar with the University of Bath’s swimming pool and this year is no different. For Event 3: Hardwired, teams of six, divided into three pairs, took on a 1,200m metre swim. However, while a team member is swimming 50 metre laps, their partner is completing three “in/outs” of […]

SiD2018 Event 2 – Seek & Destroy

Athletes from all 60 teams, as well as their dedicated supporters headed back inside for Event 2 of SiD2018 – Seek & Destroy – sponsored by WIT. The event, in the main Strength in Depth area, again saw all 12 team members take part, with pairs of athletes facing a combination of Thrusters, lunges (with […]

SiD2018 Event 1 – The Four Horsemen

Strength in Depth 2018 is underway! Athletes from the 60 qualifying teams headed outside at the University of Bath Sports Village for SiD2018’s first event – The Four Horsemen – sponsored by Nocco. All team members took part in the 4k run, with four members dropping out after 1,600 metres, another four after 3,200 metres […]

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