NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights

SiD16 Day 1 – Summary

At the end of day one of Strength in Depth 2016 the leaderboard has a familiar look, with two-time winners Team JST leading the way from Dragon CrossFit – Charlie Bravo and the invitational Team Reebok.

Wigan-based JST seem determined to take the trophy home once again and have already built a 19-point lead over the team from Dragon CrossFit. After four events JST have 190 points with the Cardiff-based team on 171.

CrossFit Bath, making a first appearance in the Bath-based competition are in equal third place alongside Team reebok on 165.

JST’s CrossFit Games athlete Steve Fawcett said:

“Today went really well. Everything seems to have gone to plan…although you can’t really prepare for it. It comes from a background in fitness.”

Asked if Team JST were confident of carrying off the SiD trophy home for the third straight year, Fawcett said

“I think so. The events are good (for us) so we should do well in at least three of them.”

Fawcett’s fellow Games athlete, Team Reebok’s Spencer Hendel enjoyed his first taste of the SiD format. He said:

“The team is doing really well. I’ve never competed on a 12-person team before. I’m enjoying it. You get the rest but when you do it you hit it as hard as you possibly can.”

And despite the invitational nature of Team Reebok, Hendel and his teammates are not holding back. During the deadlifts on event one he hit a 10kg personal best, lifting 265kg.

Team Bath captain Nathanial Auckland said he was pleased with hometown team’s day-one performance. He said:

“We excelled in the events we knew we were good at. The swim was not good for us but we took back a little on the last workout.”

Overall standings after day one:

  • Team JST – 190
  • Dragon CrossFit Charlie Bravo – 171
  • Team Reebok – 165
  • CrossFit Bath – 165
  • CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack – 162

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