NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights

SiD16 Event 03 & 04 | Round up



Athletes had little time to recover following the gruelling Spartan Race, with workouts three and four starting soon after and running simultaneously. While workout 4 – the Engineer – was taking place in the main sports hall, six members of each team were taking part in The Pink Fish in the University of Bath’s Olympic swimming pool. Athletes had to work in pairs, performing two rounds of 10 synchronised Down Ups and a 100m swim.

CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack took first place with 11.28, ahead of Dragon CrossFit Charlie Bravo who took second place with 11.56. IN2 CrossFit took third and fourth with the Clapham team (11.58) just beating the Farnham team (12.29). Team JST took fifth place with 12.37.



While The Pink Fish was taking place in the pool, the remaining six team members were in the sports hall, taking on The Engineer. In pairs two female team members worked on a couplet of front squats and double unders, a mixed sex pair took on a couplet of overhead squats and toes to bar before the final two male athletes faced a couplet of hang power cleans and bar muscle ups.

The battle for second place in the final heat produced the tightest race of the day as Team JST and CrossFit Bath battled it out. With Team Reebok pulling away to take first place, the Bath team needed a good finish to stay in touch on the overall leaderboard after falling behind in the pool. Bath’s final pair Brad Hajner and Laura Faulkner gave the hometown crowd something to cheer for, pulling away from JST on the final hang power cleans and muscle ups

Team Reebok took the event in 20.56, from CrossFIt Bath who finished in 21.23 and Team JST who finished in 22.15. CrossFit Witham (23.48) and CrossFit Perpetua (24.02) rounded out the top five.

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