NEWS: SiD17 Final Highlights

SiD16 | Qualifiers coming to a close …

Folks. We are nearly there. Only a few days left in the SiD16 qualifying season (Q03 scores must be submitted by 2200hrs UK on Sunday 18 Sep).

Here at SiDHQ we have been endlessly discussing the likely outturn. Which top 39 teams are due to join Team Reebok for this year’s extravaganza Final Weekend? Which teams will be jostling for a podium place this year? Is anyone likely to topple Steve Fawcett’s Team JST from their incredible hat-trick ambition and domination of team fitness racing in Europe?

Let’s start with the leaders.

As of today’s post. Team JST have a posted score for Q03 of an eye-watering 37:03 but with Perpetua and Blitz yet to post. What is going down at these two strongholds? We know both are desperate to tackle the behemoth that is JST – could this be the year? Do they already have the time in the bag to go in ahead of their arch-rivals or maybe one final attempt this weekend with the time to chase. Fascinating few days ahead.

By way of some “what ifs”, Perpetua will need to win Q03 outright and hope for two other teams to pip JST to come equal 1st overall. Surely too much to expect? Can Lee Drabble rouse his troops to such heights?

Sticking with the top guys, it is great to see CrossFit Oslo in such fine form also – we can’t wait to welcome these guys to UK shores; how much will they mix it up on the weekend itself?

And let’s not forget Blitz. We know this Twickenham fortress has massive ambition this year and Benjamin Massey has assembled some squad (including former GB Olympian Cameron Nichol – always nice to have one or two of them in the team!). With the 10= Q01, they are unlikely to pip JST for first place in the qualifiers but who knows where there current trajectory can take them.

Finally, we have the South West tussle between CrossFit Bath (with CrossFit Regionals talent – Alec Harwood and Laura Faulkner) and neighbouring iconic UK box – Dragon CrossFit from Cardiff under the deft leadership of Andy Edwards. On a related note, former podium placers, CrossFit GB from Bristol are off of their usual qualification form (currently 13th) but they should never be written off!


Leaderboard – days ahead of Q03 close – Top 10

Let’s turn now to an even more fascinating race. The race to make the SiD16 Final Weekend. For a look at what is happening here, let’s look at the 35-45 position section of the Leaderboard as it currently stands. This is really, really close – with only 15 aggregate position points separating 35th place and 45th place (currently) and three teams on 39= (currently), anything could happen here.

Spare a thought for these teams. We know the experiential prize of getting to Bath in November is a massive part of the SiD16 experience, so these squads will no doubt have a fraught final few days of Q03 run, Q03 retake consideration or – at the very least – frantic refreshing of the SiD16 Leaderboard.


Leaderboard – days ahead of Q03 close – Position 35 to 45

Whatever the outcome, we thank each and everyone of you for fulsome athletic endeavour. It has been another fascinating year of competition en route to “Fittest Team in Europe” accolade – and we can’t wait to welcome the Top 39 from this Board to the Final Weekend (many exciting developments to reveal also).

For all those of you still in final throes of Q03 – whether it be a “beat JST” effort, a “must make top 39 cutoff” effort or, simply, a “must do our best – foundation for next year” effort – we wish you well!

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