NEWS: The Final – CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack win SiD2018

The Final – Treachery

For the fourth year in a row the Strength in Depth trophy is heading north after Team JST became champions once again.

And they had to do it the hard way.

After masters athlete Paul Hopper was ruled out following an ankle injury earlier on Sunday, Andy Byron was drafted in from JST’s second team to take part in the final.

Then, after the bar rolled off the weightlifting platform as JST’s second pair were closing in on finishing their weekend’s work, their total was reset to zero, allowing CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack to take the lead. The Norwegian team had started the final just three points behind the reigning champions.


But despite falling well behind the Wolfpack, JST came roaring back to ensure they are the only team in SiD history to take the title.

The final – Treachery – saw pairs take on shoulder to overhead dumbbell presses, followed by a partner lunge, synchro pull ups/muscle ups, more partner lunges and finally barbell shoulder to overheads which increased in weight as each pair took to the floor.

After the costly platform error saw JST fall behind, their third pair of Oakley Woodhouse and Kev Connolly came roaring back, with Woodhouse going unbroken on her final shoulder to overheads.

171105_Final Winners_Simon_2


It fell to Steve Fawcett to complete the workout – and the title win – with five unbroken lifts at 120kg.

Team Reebok and Team JST finished the final event almost simultaneously, meaning JST took the weekend’s spoils.

After pushing JST all weekend, and leading for much of Sunday, the Wolfpack’s challenge fell away with a disappointing finish to the final, which allowed hometown favourites CrossFit Bath to leapfrog them with a strong final finish.


Final standings

1. Team JST – 615

2. CrossFit Bath – 590

3. CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack – 582

4. Team Reebok – 570

5. CrossFit Basel – 565

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