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Posted: 10 May 2020 in CrossFit Strength in Depth, Latest News

The latest update from HQ on The CrossFit® Games 2020 format confirms the event in Aromas will be restricted further, most notably no National Champions will be invited.

The individual invites will revert back to those who finished Top 20 in The Open, plus the winners of the 10 Sanctionals™ already complete. Of course, no one knows if the event can take place, or who will be able to travel to Aromas; but here’s how this latest update affects the invites from CrossFit® SiD 2020, which we cover below.

The Team division is also removed, alongside the previously announced age groups and teens. The full announcement is here


How do Sanctionals™ invites work?

The previous rules for the 2020 Games season outlined should the winner of a Sanctionals™ have already qualified from The Open (having placed Top 20 worldwide or crowned a National Champion), the invite passed to the second-place finisher. If second had already qualified, pass to third, and so on.


Mat Fraser won CrossFit® SiD 2020 in January. He’d already secured his Games ticket finishing second in The Open, behind Pat Vellner. Therefore, the invite he received in London passed to second place, David Shorunke. Under this latest update nothing changes. David’s invite remains and should it be safe to travel he will still attend his first Games as an individual. All straightforward.

Men Final Standings

1st – Mat Fraser (Q)

2nd – David Shorunke

3rd – Lukas Hogberg

It changes on the women’s side. Laura Horvath won CrossFit® SiD. She’d secured her Games ticket by finishing 10th in The Open. Gabi Migala finished second and already qualified, finishing 17th in The Open.

Haley Adams in third had also already qualified via The Open, her 32nd place was one spot above the cut, following the countback process*. Camilla in fourth was also the National Champion of Sweden, which meant the CrossFit® SiD invite went to Kels Kiel in 5th

However, with the removal of National Champions and The Open now reverting back to the original Top 20 only, Haley’s invite from The Open has been removed.

Instead, Haley secures her invite from finishing third in London. It does mean Kels Kiel now misses out on making her first individual Games appearance.

Travel restrictions and social distancing regulations may impact The Games further, but this latest change shows HQ remain confident and committed to crowning The Fittest on Earth 2020.

Women Final Standings

1st – Laura Horvath (Q)

2nd – Gabi Migala (Q)

3rd– Haley Adams

4th– Camilla Helman Soloman

5th – Kels Kiel


*The Top 20 athletes from the Open receive individual invites. If a Top 20 athlete is also a National Champion, they have now been invited twice. Their Open invite gets passed onto the next person in line, the person in 21st for example.

In addition, if an athlete declines their invite (they want to compete on a team, or they can’t compete) the invite is again passed to the next person, say 22nd place.

This process is repeated until all 20 Open invites have been filled. The previous season rulings meant the cut on the 2020 Open women’s leader board was 33rd place and for the men 28th place.