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On-water Rowing CrossFit®SiD 2020

Posted: 5 December 2019 in CrossFit Strength in Depth, Latest News

We’re bringing on-water rowing to CrossFit®SiD 2020

Your mission is to seek out coaching and guidance to be proficient to row 300m – 500m in the stroke seat of a double scull.

You have time to learn and improve your new skills ahead of CrossFit®SiD London, January 24-26th 2020.

On-water Rowing is coming to CrossFit®SiD 2020 from Strength in Depth on Vimeo.

The first skill to acquire is feeling comfortable and balanced in a boat. Then you need to be comfortable handling sculling oars – we suggest sticking with square blades for this challenge, though learning how to ‘feather’ would be a great step up (ask a rowing coach). You should master cleanly putting the oars in the water to take a stroke, and then cleanly out after each stroke to minimise drag and disruption to the boat.

How to learn?

  1. Training Day with Cam Nichol – Cam will host a training day at Molesey Boat Club for any of the elite individuals +/- the UK community, or anyone that wants to attend. Numbers will be capped, however.Cam will be giving his time for free, it’s suggested each participant donates £20-£40 (drop-in fee) to the host club. Please contact to find out more.
  2. Your local UK rowing club – Please see the list below or follow the link provided to find your local club.
  3. Outside the UK – As rowing is a global sport your nearest rowing club is never too far away. You’ve probably got one on your doorstep without even realising it. Give your nearest club a call and get some time on the water with your nearest coach.

Event details:

Every athlete will have to attend the mandatory safety and training course on Friday, 24th Jan 2020 at CrossFit®SiD.

There have been many questions and we hope we’ve answered them in the text below, or the full-length video above

  • Athletes will need to learn how to scull (one oar in each hand) in double scull boats (two people in each boat).
  • The athlete will be rowing in the ‘stroke seat’ (seat at the back, facing backward, looking out into the open).
  • Accompanying each athlete will be an experienced ‘judge’: a proficient rower that will be in the ‘bow seat’ (nearest front of the boat) to balance the boat, correct course and ensure the rules of racing are upheld.
  • These judges will be weight-adjusted by carrying ballast in the boat to ensure fairness.
  • The judges will only correct course if safety is compromised.
  • The judges will only correct course by removing speed from the boat (holding up one side or the other).
  • The men’s division will row in the same boat type.
  • The women’s division will row in the same boat type.
  • The CrossFit®SiD course will be a single time trial in a straight line, between 300m – 500m in length.
  • This challenge is about ‘learning a new sport’. It is about testing ‘balance, coordination, agility and skill.’ It is not a ‘rowing sprint.’

UK Rowing clubs:

Royal Docks Adventures

1012 Dockside Rd, Royal Docks, London E16 2QT

WinTech Racing / Oarsport

Unit 20 Nottingham South & Wilford Ind Est, Ruddington Ln, Wilford NG11 7EP Call:0115 981 8183

Molesey Boat Club

Barge Walk, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AJ

Hereford Rowing Club

37 Greyfriars Ave, Hereford HR4 0BE Email:

Nottingham Rowing Club

Sudbury Rowing Club

University of London Boat Club

Marlow Rowing Club

London Rowing Club

Broxbourne Rowing Club

Want to find one closer? Check out to search for a rowing club near you.

Have a question?

Questions, comments or queries are welcome. Please also feel free to email Cam Nichol directly