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Saturday 27 November – Sunday 28th November 2021, The Sports Training Village at The University of Bath.

Final Format

The top 68 teams (+ the previous year’s champion team and an invitational team) will advance to the Live Finals to compete for the title of Champion 2020. Teams will only qualify via the prescribed qualification process or by invitation following dropouts (for any cause). 

Each finals team must comprise of a minimum of 12 athletes (7 athletes must be male and 5 must be female and one male and one female athlete must be a master 35 years or older at 29 Nov 19 or 40 years or older at 29 Nov 19). Teams can then register a total 4 substitute athletes (only to be called on in case of injury) as well as a team captain/coach.  To be eligible for selection for the finals, athletes must have been registered within the team’s roster on Competition Corner at the time of the initial qualifier registration.