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Strength in Depth (SiD) is an event company that delivers world-class CrossFit® competitions for all abilities. Our mission is to deliver amazing experiences that create unforgettable memories.
At SiD HQ our motto is ‘The most stories wins’.

Our 2019 events:

  • CrossFit® Strength in Depth / 23 – 24 February
  • SiD Inferno Pairs London / 18 – 19 May
  • SiD Inferno Pairs Cardiff / 10 – 11 August
  • Strength in Depth Origins / TBC

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CrossFit® Strength in Depth is an individual and team competition, which will be held in London over the 23-24 February 2019.

The winning male, female and team will be invited to the Reebok CrossFit® Games in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
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Registration for our 2019 series opens On Sunday 9 December

SiD Inferno Pairs is a two-day, same sex pairs competition for athletes of all abilities.


All Inclusive – Whether you’re new to competition or a seasoned pro, the SiD Inferno Pairs Series is for you! The events are open to all and there are no qualifiers. Bring your whole box for a weekend of fitness and fun!


Teamwork – The workouts don’t just challenge your individual fitness, but your ability to work as a team – competing with and for your best mate will push you further than you thought possible.


SiD Inferno Pairs London 18-19 May SiD Inferno Pairs Cardiff 10-11 August 


Our first ever competition, born out of a vision to bring your box together and compete as a team of 12 athletes. After 3 online qualifiers the top teams advance to the grand final to compete against the best teams in Europe. Combining, 7 males, 5 females as well as a masters athlete of each sex this competition is a true test of your boxes ‘Strength in Depth’.

Strength in Depth Origins, future event dates to follow…